Description of Faculty of Pharmacy


The two buildings of the Faculty of Pharmacy house seven departments and various facilities serving teaching and students’ activities.

-      Four large lecture halls for undergraduate students and multipurpose rooms for postgraduates supplied with all up-to-date teaching facilities.

-      Multiple specialized laboratories equipped with required instruments, in addition to two dry labs under construction.

-      IT Center, with wireless internet, soft skill training courses for ICDL certificate (UNESCO Guidelines)

A conference hall and multiple meeting rooms.


The old building:


First: the ground floor includes:

 - Department of Industrial Pharmacy  

 - Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Rushdie Lecture room

 - Office of the Faculty Secretary

 - Public Affairs  

 - Faculty Treasurer

 - Accounting unit  

Second: the first floor includes:

- Department of Pharmaceutics  

Third: the second floor includes:

   - Pharmaceutical chemistry department 

   - Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry department 

Fourth: the third floor includes:  

  - Pharmacognosy Department and has 3 labs for students.  

Fifth: the fourth floor includes:  

- Pharmacology Department and lecture room.

- Office of the Vice dean for Education and Students affairs 

- Office of the Vice Dean for Post Graduates  and Research 

- Quality Assurance Unit office 

  - Faculty Board meetings hall 

Sixth: the fifth floor includes:

 - Organic Chemistry Lab.

 - Pharmaceutical Microbiology Department

 - Prof. Dr. / Mohammed  Mutawe Lecture room 

 - Biochemistry lab 

Seventh: the sixth floor includes: 

 - Faculty Library 

 - Conference Hall 

 - Coffee Shop

 - Faculty workshop

 - Office for graduate affairs

 - Animal house  


The new building:

 The new building consists of eight floors in addition to the ground floor 


The ground floor

-Youth Welfare office  

-Computer Hall

- Administrative affairs office 

- Statistics office

- Control rooms

-Public affairs office 


First floor:

-Dean office 

-Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs and Environment Development

- Faculty Guard Commander's office


Second floor:

- Pharmaceutical Research Centre 


Third floor:

- Pharmaceutics Department

- Lecture room (a)  


Fourth floor:

- Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department 


Fifth floor:

- Pharmacognosy Department 

- Lecture room (b)  


Sixth floor:

- Analytical Chemistry Department 

- Post Graduates hall ( Prof.Dr.Nawal Khafallah )


Seventh floor:

- Pharmacology Department

- Central Lab 


Eighth floor:

- Pharmaceutical Microbiology  Department

- Staff Members Hall


In front of the new building, there is a wide garden area offering the students a suitable place for gathering.