Description of Faculty of Pharmacy


The two buildings of the Faculty of Pharmacy house seven departments and various facilities serving teaching and students’ activities.

-      Four large lecture halls for undergraduate students and multipurpose rooms for postgraduates supplied with all up-to-date teaching facilities.

-      Multiple specialized laboratories equipped with required instruments, in addition to two dry labs under construction.

-      IT Center, with wireless internet, soft skill training courses for ICDL certificate (UNESCO Guidelines)

A conference hall and multiple meeting rooms.


The old building:


First: the ground floor includes:

 - Department of Industrial Pharmacy  

 - Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Rushdie Lecture room

 - Office of the Faculty Secretary

 - Public Affairs  

 - Faculty Treasurer

 - Accounting unit  

Second: the first floor includes:

- Department of Pharmaceutics  

Third: the second floor includes:

   - Pharmaceutical chemistry department 

   - Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry department 

Fourth: the third floor includes:  

  - Pharmacognosy Department and has 3 labs for students.  

Fifth: the fourth floor includes:  

- Pharmacology Department and lecture room.

- Office of the Vice dean for Education and Students affairs 

- Office of the Vice Dean for Post Graduates  and Research 

- Quality Assurance Unit office 

  - Faculty Board meetings hall 

Sixth: the fifth floor includes:

 - Organic Chemistry Lab.

 - Pharmaceutical Microbiology Department

 - Prof. Dr. / Mohammed  Mutawe Lecture room 

 - Biochemistry lab 

Seventh: the sixth floor includes: 

 - Faculty Library 

 - Conference Hall 

 - Coffee Shop

 - Faculty workshop

 - Office for graduate affairs

 - Animal house  


The new building:

 The new building consists of eight floors in addition to the ground floor 


The ground floor

-Youth Welfare office  

-Computer Hall

- Administrative affairs office 

- Statistics office

- Control rooms

-Public affairs office 


First floor:

-Dean office 

-Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs and Environment Development

- Faculty Guard Commander's office


Second floor:

- Pharmaceutical Research Centre 


Third floor:

- Pharmaceutics Department

- Lecture room (a)  


Fourth floor:

- Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department 


Fifth floor:

- Pharmacognosy Department 

- Lecture room (b)  


Sixth floor:

- Analytical Chemistry Department 

- Post Graduates hall ( Prof.Dr.Nawal Khafallah )


Seventh floor:

- Pharmacology Department

- Central Lab 


Eighth floor:

- Pharmaceutical Microbiology  Department

- Staff Members Hall


In front of the new building, there is a wide garden area offering the students a suitable place for gathering. 


Dean's word

Distinguished colleagues; faculty members, assistants, employees and students I thanks Almighty God on being with you as a Dean of our great faculty which we are all proud of. At the beginning I want to thank the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Prof. Dr. / The president of Alexandria University for the trust that they have placed in me. The university role is not limited at information supply but extends to the rehabilitation of graduates with skills and ideas to acquire knowledge throughout their scientific and practical path so that the university receive all support from State officials.