The Word of Prof. Dr. Abdallah M. Zaineldin

Dean of the Faculty

Distinguished colleagues; faculty members, assistants, employees and students I thanks Almighty God on being with you as a Dean of our great faculty which we are all proud of. At the beginning I want to thank the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mr. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Prof. Dr. / The president of Alexandria University for the trust that they have placed in me.

The university role is not limited at information supply but extends to the rehabilitation of graduates with skills and ideas to acquire knowledge throughout their scientific and practical path so that the university receive all support from State officials.

We believe that development is endless, and we still have a lot to achieve depending on Almighty God and on all workers including leaders, teaching staff and administrators and concentrating on the university community as a whole and especially dear students as the important element of the education process. We are keen at the same time on students participation in the advancement of the college with efforts and suggestions to reach together with our beloved Egypt to the top of nations.


I am also pleased to welcome our students and visitors in the website of the Faculty of Agriculture - Alexandria University which represents a channel of communication full of educational and research data and information about the faculty that should improve the performance in the field of higher education and enhance the creativity, thinking and effective participation in order to keep up with the needs of the labor market and affirm the faculty position at regional, Arab, African and international levels.

Finally we aspire this web site to be the beacon of informational and communication channel for societal partnership between the faculty and the society. I also wish success for the persons responsible to follow-up this web site.