Alexandria University is considered the beacon of science and knowledge and one of the most important sights of the city of Alexandria where large numbers of university alumni are graduated every year in various disciplines. The university alumni are contributing to the cultural, social and industrial, agricultural renaissance of Egypt, Arab countries and African countries.

Alexandria University is a symbol of the city of Alexandria that was founded 232 BC by Alexander the Great to be the capital of Egypt. Alexandria is known as the Mediterranean's Bride and the largest port of Egypt. Over the years, Alexandria was always the beacon of science and knowledge thanks to its old Library (The Bibliotheca Alexandrina). Alexandria had always the leading position in literature, art and science through the ages. The logo of Alexandria University is characterized with distinctive symbol of the Lighthouse of Alexandria Old Town.

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in August 1942 in Damanhur city and then was moved to Alexandria city in 1947 in its current place. The Faculty of Agriculture has special nature as it confers bachelor's degree in agricultural science through eight programs and fifteen sub disciplines that the student has the right to choose from them, in addition to the degrees of diploma, master's and doctorate in these disciplines.

The faculty took the colors of blue and gold for its flag since its establishment in 1942. The faculty logo symbolizes its educational field and environmental concerns where the blue background represents the spirit of Alexandria city while the symbol is colored with gold to refer to our beloved faculty.