Faculty Branches


The Faculty of Agriculture is distinct with continuous development and its national and international role as it was the first faculty to establish new branches not only in Egypt but also in Africa.

The faculty established its branch in Damanhor that became later a part of Damanhor University.

Then the faculty established its branch in Fokah in Matroh governorate then the branch on D'gimina the capital of Chad and finally the branch of Tung in South Sudan.


Faculty Branch in Fokah - Matroh governorate

Upon cooperation between Alexandria University and Matroh governorate, the idea was released to establish the branch of the Faculty of Desert and Environmental Agriculture in Fokah to promote the university education in Matroh and to serve the agricultural sector in coastal deserts in addition to manage the dry production resources.

The study in this branch started in 2006 with an educational program that complies with environmental conditions of the governorate.


 Faculty Branch in D'gimina – Capital of Chad

This branch was established according to the presidential decree no. 300/2009.

It became a distinguished scientific center at African level that qualify human resources that shall achieve the ambitions of Chadian and African people towards sustainable development.


Faculty Branch in Tung – Warrab State in South Sudan

Since the 70's of last century, Alexandria University has graduated a lot of scientific leaders from South Sudan citizens so that the South people requested to establish a branch of Alexandria University in the South Sudan.

Accordingly, the procedures are taken now to establish a branch of the Faculty of Agriculture under the name of "The Faculty of Tropical Agricultures and Natural Resources" in Tung – Warrab State in South Sudan. The study will concentrate on the fields of plant production, natural resources, animal production and fish production.